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Material Handling Equipment Needed for The Food and Baking Industry

ByDorothy Randall

Oct 11, 2022

These days most Americans are going for a healthy lifestyle and hence they are looking for low-carb, gluten-free, and organic diets. However, still, among the children as well as younger generations, there is a craze for baked bread, flaky pies, creamy cakes, and sweet rolls.

However, this sector of bakery foods is quite huge and may account for almost 2.1% of the gross domestic produces in the market as per the statistics available from the American bakery association.

This industry needs lots of material handling equipment and a pallet changer is also one of the important pieces of equipment that this industry may need. Top Industries have supplied several such appliances to many companies dealing with food and baking products.

What are the problems faced by this industry?

If you can understand the various challenges to food processing industries, you can then plan for the right machinery and equipment to address those problems that may be negatively affecting this business. The following are a few primary challenges of the food and bakery industry:

  • Food safety
  • Product recalls
  • Labour and workforce issues
  • Efficiency
  • Sustainability

The following are a few of the equipment solutions available for this industry:

Pallet inverters

You probably will need to use washable pallets to store food when working with them. A pallet inverter is a great option if you need to shift loads onto these pallets. These inverters can tilt, lift, rotate, and transfer pallets, doing away with the need for risky physical labour.

Space and pallet retrievers

Spacer and pallet retrievers are made to quickly swap out pallets, mix loads, and remove spacers. In contrast to the time and effort required to manually stack loads from one pallet to another, they allow you to move loads to inbound or outbound pallets in a matter of minutes, which is fantastic for creating an efficient warehouse.

The pallet retrievers are also made to be loaded at ground level, which makes them the perfect choice for businesses without readily available forklifts.

Stretch wrappers

You will probably wrap products or pallets as you handle food to reduce or avoid product damage. To preserve your items, premium stretch wrappers employ film that has a 200% pre-stretch.

Additionally, there are automatic stretch units made for system integration that automatically wrap products without requiring a human operator.

Plastic pallets

For the food and bread industries, are you looking for affordable and functional sanitary equipment?

Pallets made of wood are first replaced with ones made of plastic. Due of their washability, plastic pallets assist prevent product contamination.

Custom solutions

Standard machinery used in the food and bakery industries is not always the greatest option. You can collaborate with an industry-leading manufacturer to develop specialized equipment solutions, whether you require extra safety features or stronger system integration.

You may get in touch with Top Industries to discuss any special needs of your industry.

Top Industries has helped customizing many different types of material handling equipment needed for this sector and hence many details about their new innovations can be found on YouTube sites at https://www.youtube.com/c/TOPPYpalletchanger.