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Top Backend As A Service List Of Things That Providers Can Do For You


Apr 15, 2022

Behind every software application, there comes a comprehensive series of back-end solutions to support the front end. The amount of work that is involved in creating this back-end technology is not a simple task. To make things a little bit simpler, several organizations choose solutions that help them to save time and money.  The Backend as a Service or BaaS, is defined by a cloud-hosted solution package that has APIs or SDKs to provide solutions to be used by other applications. It is a middleware for your application and provides APIs for your web and mobile app to be integrated online.

What Does a Back-End Provider Do For You?

Before you take a look at the providers, it’s important to look at the common features that BaaS providers can provide. So, it is important for you to have a better understanding of the accessible backend as a service list of things that providers can do for you. Given here are some common things that BaaS providers can do for you:

  • File storage

You don’t always have to store plain old data but sometimes you also need to store files such as large documents, images, and the like. Such as, the provider can help you to store a profile portrait of the customers you have. The backend solutions provide you with enough file storage that you can use to associate a file with a custom object.

As you get the ability to store your app’s information in a database, you get model objects that represent data in a format that is easy to retrieve

  • Users

As provider helps you to store all user data, they also provide access control for your objects and establish which object should get access to. Almost of all the BaaS offers help to create your own users, so it becomes easy for you to manage everything.

  • Push notifications

When you have all the details of your customers, providers can help them to update them with a push notification about anything. BaaS offers a great ability to send a push notification to all your users, or to a selective subset of your users.

The use of BaaS eliminates the need for developers to make their own back-end services. So, using BaaS provides a customizable and series of features for the users to manage their audience data. The main goal of choosing a BaaS provider is to shift a developer’s focus from the complexities of back-end development and invest more in the front-end work.