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What Advantages Are There To Booking Travel Insurance Online?

ByPamela Ramirez

Oct 11, 2023

Planning a trip is always exciting, but it’s also essential to consider unexpected hiccups that might come your way during your adventure. That’s where travel insurance swoops in to save the day!

And guess what? Thanks to the wonders of the internet, booking travel insurance online has become a game-changer for us globetrotters.

In today’s era, the digital realm has completely transformed our lives, including how we plan our travels. Over the years, comparing travel insurance and purchasing it online has become popular due to its numerous advantages. In this article, let’s explore the advantages of buying travel insurance online in India.

What is Travel Insurance and its Feature?

Travel insurance is a policy that provides financial protection during trips. Its features include coverage for medical emergencies, trip cancellations, lost baggage, and travel delays, ensuring peace of mind while exploring new horizons.

Advantages of Booking Online Travel Insurance?

1.        Convenient Application Process

When you purchase travel insurance online, the foremost thing you require is convenience. Users no longer need to visit insurance offices or spend time making phone calls to agents. With a few clicks, they can explore insurance providers and policies all from the comfort of their homes or while on the go.

2.        Saving Time

Time is valuable, especially when you’re getting ready for a trip. Booking travel insurance online is a way to save time. Rather than spending hours meeting with agents or waiting in lines, you can easily compare and choose the most suitable policy within minutes.

3.        24/7 Availability

You can access these platforms anytime and anywhere in the morning or late at night. This constant availability means you are not restricted by office hours or limited to weekday booking. Online platforms have your back even if you have last-minute travel plans or need to change your policy outside of business hours.

4.        Comparison

Selecting travelling insurance can be overwhelming due to the multitude of options. However, online tools simplify this process by allowing you to compare insurance plans side by side effortlessly. You can quickly assess their coverage, benefits and premiums, enabling you to decide based on your travel requirements.

[Note: While buying travel insurance online in India, check if the plan includes international medical insurance policy, and opt for a plan that does.]

5.        Customisation

Every traveller has a journey, and their insurance needs can vary. Online platforms often offer options to personalise your travel insurance, tailoring it to fit your requirements. You can add coverage for activities to extend the coverage period or exclude certain elements that may not be relevant to your trip.

6.        Transparent Information

The efficiency of platforms extends beyond the purchase process, and once your transaction is completed, you typically receive the insurance policy via email. This immediate issuance of your policy is extremely valuable, especially if you require proof of insurance for visa applications or want peace of mind knowing that you’re covered away.

7.        Instant Policy Issuance

The efficiency of the online platforms of premium insurance companies like Tata AIG extends beyond the purchase process. Once your transaction is done, you typically receive the travel insurance policy via email. This immediate issuance of your policy is extremely valuable, especially if you require proof of insurance for visa applications or simply want peace of mind knowing that you are covered away.

8.        Access to Reviews and Ratings

Many online platforms for travel insurance include customer feedback, which provides information about the reputation and dependability of various insurance providers. These reviews assist in evaluating the level of service, claims procedures and overall satisfaction of customers to making a choice.

9.        Cost-effectiveness

Regarding buying travel insurance, shopping online is a way to find deals and competitive prices. Online platforms have more operating costs than brick-and-mortar agencies, which means they can offer cost-effective options to customers.

10.    Global Access

Online travel insurance platforms cater to travellers from around the world. It doesn’t matter where you are or where you’re going; you can easily access a range of policies that suit your travel needs. This global accessibility ensures that no matter where your wanderlust takes you, you can easily find coverage to protect yourself throughout your journey.


As technology advances, we can anticipate user-friendly and efficient enhancements in the online travel insurance industry. Buying travel insurance online has brought about a range of advantages that have completely transformed how we protect ourselves while travelling.

The ease of comparing plans customising coverage, and completing the process from the comfort of our homes or on the go has made purchasing travel insurance online a hassle-free choice among travellers.