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What Is B2B Incentive?

ByJohn Ferrara

Jul 5, 2022

Are you trying to find a solution to increase sales and fortify ties with your company’s distributors and retailers? With the right B2B incentive programme, you can boost distributor loyalty, retention, and revenue.B2B incentive programme is incentives aimed to incentivise your channel partners to reach their targets which generally include in hitting number of items sold and repeat buy rate. The B2B loyalty programme is another name for these incentive solutions. It is a means for firms to reward its customers, which in these circumstances include distributors, dealers, retailers, reseller and other sorts of channel sales partners.

Incentive Research Foundation found that the top 81 percent of companies provided non-cash reward programmes for their channel partners, which resulted in a 32 percent increase in total revenue and a 30 percent increase in market share. This is why B2B companies strive to maintain long-term relationships with their channel partners.

Different Kinds of B2B Rewards

As part of your B2B customer loyalty plan, you could wish to give a physical incentive. There are two sorts of tangible incentives that are extremely popular.

One of the most adaptable rewards in this scenario is a merchandise award. This may take the shape of a discount on large purchases, or it might be additional items in addition to their purchase. This form of incentive is tremendously adaptable; it can be applied to anything you sell in volume, and has global appeal.

Another physical incentive firms may provide takes the shape of branded cash, a gift card or a promo code. These are effectively financial prizes, however they are generally intended towards a B2B client’s staff rather than the customer themselves. It’s easy to acquire them in huge quantities, and they’re a simple yet effective approach to stimulate consumer interaction. 

What is a B2B loyalty program?

B2B loyalty programmes (or B2B rewards programmes) are customer retention solutions with special features and loyalty logic meant to assist businesses develop brand loyalty with the businesses they sell to. They differ substantially from their B2C equivalents in terms of both incentives and advancement. B2B loyalty programmes, when executed properly, are an excellent tool for customer retention and partner engagement.

These are several of the best customer rewards programs Singapore:


If a loyalty programme comes into the ‘perks programme’ category, it indicates that it has no points system, no levels, nor anything else that incentivises growth. Instead, members are privy to all perks the minute they enlist. B2Bs might use the benefits approach to create a VIP club for their clientele.


Tiered advancement in a loyalty programme mainly based on spend or points. However, there’s a third, less typically utilised category: invites. For B2B firms, this implies that instead of letting clients grow on their own, they are instantly placed into a tier depending on the deal’s volume.

What makes the B2B market unique and what problems it faces

Another reason why it’s a wise decision for B2B enterprises to implement a loyalty programme is because selling to clients returns more profit than selling to consumers. Therefore it’s vital to keep your most valuable clients and preserve their loyalty. On the other hand, acquiring new consumers in the B2B industry is a more time-consuming procedure.

Other features and problems of the B2B sector include:

  1. Fewer, bigger transactions
  2. Demand is indirect and heavily varies owing to its dependent on consumer trends
  3. A more structured and drawn-out purchasing procedure
  4. An increased emphasis on committed partnerships
  5. More difficult purchase decisions